Gruen Advisors provides advice on the reorganization, financial restructuring or sale of companies in crisis.

Our approach is pragmatic, results-oriented and we proceed to consider alternative courses of action because restructuring processes always involve unforeseeable risks and opportunities. In restructuring, we stabilize the processes and create the foundation for future success. As part of a financial restructuring, we assist in stabilizing the finances, the optimization of cash management and take over the negotiations with creditors.

In times of crisis a company’s most vital resource is its liquidity, not only to satisfy its debts as they come due, but also to instill confidence to its customers, suppliers and lenders. Together with the management of a company, we are developing a realistic and robust business and restructuring plan that includes in any case a detailed and accurate cash forecast. We examine measures for controlling, securing and increasing liquidity, for example, working capital management, cost reduction measures and process optimization.