Services for companies that have a reoccurring need for strategy definition, merger, acquisition and divestiture research, financial analysis, business modeling, execution and Post Merger Integration, or would like to get a second opinion.


You benefit from our years of experience and a sound strategy, industry and transaction expertise, usually with considerable savings compared to an occupied full-time function in-house. You only pay for services you really need. In addition, we act as creative and professional sparring partners. Our customers appreciate our objective and independent advice. Another advantage is that we can make anonymous and confidential initial contact with potential acquisition targets or partners to explore the existing interest.

For Companies:
Middle market companies often cannot justify hiring full time qualified personnel or distracting key staff from their proper duties. Cornerstone of our corporate development services is to respond to questions relating to business models, strategy, value creation and active portfolio management at the enterprise level:

– What product and service offerings can be strengthened through acquisitions?

– How can organic and inorganic growth be funded?

– How can the current enterprise value be increased and what are the fundamental value drivers?

– Which line of business would be better off with another owner?

For Private Equity:
You can deploy us where we are needed in the process: acquisitions, value enhancement and exit of portfolio companies. We take individual sub tasks or the complete monitoring and execution of transactions, depending on where you want to draw on additional resources. We provide you with deal flow within your industry, develop knowledge to support buy-and-build strategies, assess the quality of potential targets based on your criteria and the needs of your management team and get in contact with selected companies. We support you with detailed research so you can develop a sound understanding of the dynamics of the respective targeted industries.