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Synergy analysis

Synergies, the concept of revenue and cost benefits, are of crucial importance for value-enhancing acquisitions. Read how we determine the magnitude of synergy possible for each transaction a client is considering. more.

The key success factors in Mergers and Acquisitions

An acquisition is a challenging and complex project. There are many pitfalls on the road to sustainable and profitable external growth that can be prevented through professional and independent advice. Gruen Advisors will help you to avoid mistakes and to put into effect the full potential of the acquisition.

Good Strategy

  • Sophisticated game plan
  • Carefully defined screening criteria
  • Sufficient leadership and
    project management

Professional Transaction

  • Right deal and financing structure
  • Comprehensive process management and continuous coordination between all parties involved
  • Realistic assessment of the target and the possible synergies
  • Identification and  evaluation of opportunities and risks during due diligence
  • Artful, but rational negotiation tactics

Skillfull Integration

  • Early planning
  • Involvement of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, management, works council ...)
  • Conduct consequent and situation dependent implementation with clear objectives
  • Focus on customers, culture and coordination