Sell-Side Advisory Services

We guarantee independent, objective and result-oriented advice in the sale of your business or holding.

At Gruen Advisors we can help you structure and execute the sale of your business or your holding from the first day to the last. We emphasize a holistic approach to realize the maximum value shareholders in middle-market private companies and managers in divisions of larger corporations have built in their businesses. We believe there is no substitute for our expertise in valuing businesses, our understanding of both seller's and buyer's needs, our experience assisting with financing, and our adherence to a disciplined process.

We have years of experience and we know all the hurdles and pitfalls the sale of a business can suffer from if not carefully thought out and planned. Routine, experience in implementing the transaction roadmap, identifying and assessing appropriate buyers, building a market and knowledgeably negotiating the terms are crucial for the successful completion.

The following information provides you with an overview of the major basic steps that are part of any successful sales process and a guide to some of the questions to be raised: