Valuation Services

Gruen Advisors helps you to create a fact-based and market-oriented message about the value of your company.

Each valuation occasion requires an individual approach. Gruen Advisors can actively help as an intermediary in the preparation of decisions or negotiations, such as valuation negotiations, capital raisings and corporate acquisitions, or in the value-based definition of corporate strategy. As bank independent and neutral experts, we also evaluate the adequacy of a financial offer (fairness opinion).

The focus of our valuation work is the comprehensive and detailed analysis of the assets being valued, such as a company, a stake or a license. For business valuation purposes, we draw on all modern methods, also including valuation in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the German Institute of Certified Public Accountants (IDW S1).

At the end you get a comprehensive view of all calculation results and assumptions. We also give you an estimate of the external market perception of individual value factors. In addition our extensive analytical work results in positive feedback effects on value-driven corporate management.