Synergien bei M&A

Synergien, also Umsatz- und  Kostenvorteile, sind von zentraler Bedeutung für den Akquisitionserfolg. Sie müssen in der Zielanalyse und der Kaufpreisfindung berücksichtigt werden. Lesen Sie, wie Gruen Advisors dabei vorgeht.


Buy-Side Advisory Services

The acquisition of a company offers opportunities for revenue and sustainable earnings growth. We actively support you to achieve these goals. At the same time, we keep an eye on the risks involved with acquiring a company.

We provide advisory services to entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships and institutions, helping our clients in the search for suitable acquisition targets or in the acquisition process itself. The careful orchestration of all process stages is crucial for success, especially in the case of a bidding contest. In accordance with your needs and your business strategy, we support you with the following tasks: